Classic Accessories & Christmas offers an unparalleled assortment of unusual items for the discriminating buyer. Whether you’re an interior designer, decorating an entire house, or a Real Estate Agent looking for that perfect gift for a special client, or maybe a Retailer, we have just what you need. We offer reasonable prices to the general public, and wholesale prices to designers on all of our furnishings and accessories.

Sharon Henderson (1945-2010)

Sharon graduated from Jeff Davis High School and went on to open North Freeway Florist in 1973. In 1992, she opened Riverside Antiques in Cameron, Texas which was open until 1998. Sharon had a knack and true talent for decorating, and in 1999, she opened Classic Antiques and Accessories. Through Sharon’s commitment and hard work, the shop has since grown tremendously. It is now called Classic Accessories and Christmas, renamed after her first “Christmas Open House” in 2005. The success of the shop can truly be attributed to Sharon’s kind, gracious, and loving nature. Many of her customers became her friends, and she somehow had a way of touching the heart of anyone who entered her store. On August 14, 2010, Sharon lost a hard-fought battle to pancreatic cancer and went to be with Jesus. Since Sharon’s passing, everyone at the shop has come together, used everything she taught us, and worked harder than ever to keep Sharon’s dream alive. We know she would be proud.

Tommie Henderson
Shop Manager

As Sharon’s daughter-in-law, Tommie originally began working at the shop in 2004 to help out with accounting and item inventory on a part-time  basis. Over time, she began helping out more and more and quickly became Sharon’s right-hand woman. When Sharon was gone for vacation or business, Tommie held down the fort. After Sharon passed away, with the blessings of the family, Tommie took on the shop as her project and responsibility. Now, Tommie is the store manager, decision-maker, accounts manager, buyer, sales associate, and anything else she needs to be. She works harder than anyone else to carry on Sharon’s dream. When not at work, Tommie likes to spend time with friends and family, work with young adults at church, and decorate her new house. She has a wonderful husband, Wade, two daughters, Tiffany and Lindsey, who also work at the shop when they can, and four beautiful grandkids, Carson, Lilah, Hallie, and Collin.

Adriana Allende
Assistant Manager

Since September 2009, Adriana has been a big help at the shop. She does just about anything – correspondence with vendors, merchandising, billing, and helps with customers. When Tommie can’t be there, Adriana always picks up the slack. When not at work, Adriana enjoys cooking and knitting. She has two sisters, Brenda and Gabriella and is the proud mother of Sophia, “the cutest girl in the world.”

Tiffany Rand

Tiffany is Tommie’s daughter and has worked at the shop on-and-off since 2006. Tiffany, together with her mom and Teresa, does the product buying for both the main store and Christmas store, and she also does designing for both, when she can. Tiffany lives in Beaumont with her family and does bookwork, website management, and is the social media coordinator. Tiffany has been married to her husband, AJ, for 10 years and is a mother to four beautiful children: Carson, Lilah, Hallie, and Collin. When not at the shop, she enjoys watching sports, Usborne Books, papercrafting, and spending time with her family. 


Lois Boothe

Lois has been designing for the shop since 2005.  She especially enjoys helping customers decorate an area of their home and loves to see pictures afterward. When new items come in, Lois finds the perfect spot to display them. Lois has lived in the Houston area for 47 years, and when she is not at the shop, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and going to the movies. But anything with her family is going to be the best time! Lois and her husband have two daughters, two granddaughters, and two grandsons.

Dolly Iselt

Dolly has been one of our decorators and sales associates since the Spring of 2005. If you have a “problem area” you need help with, Dolly has the answer! When not working, Dolly enjoys traveling to see family, boating, and remodeling and decorating her home. Dolly is a proud mother of three children, two stepchildren and has numerous grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and even has one great, great grandchild!


Brenda Montoya
Designer and Painter

Brenda is our in-house, very talented faux painter. She does all the painting in our main showroom and does some amazing murals and canvases for our Christmas store. She also enjoys designing at the shop when she isn’t painting. Brenda has two sisters: Adriana (yes, the same one that works here!) and Gabriella. She enjoys traveling and keeping a healthy lifestyle. 

Patsy Rowell

Patsy has been with us since the Spring of 2005, doing our merchandising, helping out with customers, and sharing the title of “Queen of Organizing” with Teresa. If you can’t find something in the shop, Patsy is sure to know where it is! When not working, Patsy likes to spend time with her children, garden, and decorate her home. She has three kids and several grandkids and great grandkids.

Teresa York
Merchandising/Inventory Management

Teresa, Tommie’s sister, has been working at the shop since 2007, by doing our merchandising, helping with customers, and tackling organization feats that no one else could handle. She and Patsy together have earned the title “Queen of Organizing.” Just when we think there is no room left, Teresa works her magic! Teresa enjoys spending time with her family, swimming in her backyard pool, and traveling. She is married to her husband Larry and they have three kids: Kristin, Ashley, and Brian and three granddaughters and a grandson: Cheyenne, Ava, Avery and Brody.

Janet McKeel
Shipment Receiving/Merchandising

Janet began as a seasonal employee in 2008, and we quickly realized we needed her full-time! Janet receives, opens, and inspects all shipments as quality control. She is very eager to help in any way that she is needed – she hardly stops moving! She is a wife to Jason and proud mother to her three teenagers: Shelby, Kaitlin, and Brianna. She loves to spend time with her family and cheer on her girls at their sports events and extra curricular activities.